Westlake Charter School

Each year, Westlake Charter School has had to dip into its dwindling reserves in order to maintain its current level of service. While every other elementary school in Natomas has 30 or more students per class, WCS remains at 20:1 (K-3) and 28:1 (4-6). We are the only school in the district to offer PE, Spanish, and Art to each and every student every week.

The State continues to face a massive budget deficit. In the recently enacted 2010-11 budget, the State delayed 2010-11 payments for public schools (including charters) until July 2011. Not only does this create potential cash flow issues for our school; but, the next Governor/Legislature could still cut our current year funding in addition to subsequent years.

We cannot continue to offer specialty classes and small class sizes without your support.

We recognize these are tough financial times. Please do what you can to help us to continue providing the BEST elementary school experience in the area. There is no greater investment than in the education of our children.

You can bring/mail a check made out to "W.A.V.E. Foundation", or set up a monthly recurring payment through your bank account Bill Pay service or via PayPal. If paying by check, please indicate "directed giving" in the memo line.

Thank you for being a part of our continued success.

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