Westlake Charter School

Apple 1:1 iPad Lease Program

Westlake Charter Middle School is a 1:1 learning environment. Each student is provided the use of an iPad for every class during instruction. Students and families have the option of using the school iPads (which are kept at school at all times) or they can lease a new iPad from the school, which gives students the opportunity to take their iPads home. With the use of an iPad, students receive the resources they need right at their fingertips. Students can read their textbooks, watch interactive lessons, videos, or answer questions from the teacher. Creating projects in class is now easier than ever, and students can process classroom material in different and more meaningful ways than ever before.

When students arrive in class, getting an iPad is the very first thing they do in class each day. It's one of the most important tools they will use in class to problem solve, create, analyze, and comprehend. In classrooms before, students would need to raise their hand for help if they needed help. Now they can find the answers for themselves, developing an intrinsic value of solving problems for themselves.

1:1 classrooms at Westlake connect students to other students like never before. Students can collaborate with one another, and discuss issues going on in the classroom, taking lessons one step further. Students can watch a video about a math lesson, or use Skype to go on a virtual field trip. Having an iPad makes creating a portfolio of learning easy. This connectedness with others in their classroom, school, or around the world creates a bigger learning community than was ever possible before.

WCMS values each student and realizes the importance of technology use in the classroom in relation to their community. With the popularity of project based learning and 1:1 learning programs, WCMS can connect students with real issues that surround their local community. Students get chances each year to create their own learning project that can help them and others. Whether it be creating their own business, running a local charity, or finding ways to help others around the world, students have many opportunities to use 1:1 technology in the classroom to connect with others.
Westlake Charter School (WCS) is committed to the California Constitution Mandate of making educational activities available to all students without regard to their family's willingness to pay fees or request special waivers.
The Apple 1:1 Lease program is voluntary, and is not a a requirement of WCS.

6th Grader (32 payments of $25.00 per month) 

If your child is a 6th Grader, please select this lease option:

Please enter the name of the child as well as his/her teacher's name in the "Memo" field.

7th Grader (20 payments of $40.00 per month)

If your child is a 7th Grader, please select this lease option:

Please enter the name of the child as well as his/her teacher's name in the "Memo" field.


Insurance does not include loss of iPad power cord. A fee of $70 will be incurred for replacement. The 1st payment is due on or before the date the iPad is issued. All future payments are due by the first day of the subsequent month. Cash should not be brought to the Administrative Offices and will not be accepted for the lease program. Participation in the iPad Lease program requires PayPal to make lease payments. If checks are used to make payments, all uncollectible returned checks will be sent to a collection agency. There will be a $25.00 returned check fee. Prices include a $1 fee to close out the least at transfer of ownership. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to cancel the PayPal subscription. Any money collected that exceeds the lease term will be refunded to the parent/guardian. iPads leased through this program remain the property of WCS - and will be tagged as such - until the end of the term, at which time a receipt will be provided if paid in full.

The last payment for the lease program can be made via a check payable to Westlake Charter School in the amount of $33.95.

By completing the PayPal process, you have agreed to the terms of the above programs.