Westlake Charter School

Westlake Little Explorers Preschool (WLE)

Westlake Little Explorers Preschool Westlake Little Explorers Preschool is a developmentally appropriate, high quality, safe, and nurturing preschool program that supports the mission of WCS by better preparing students in our community for future school success.

Westlake Little Explorers offers a 2, 3 or 5 day half day program which operates from 8:35-12:30, a modified traditional full day program which operates from 7am-3pm, and a full day program which operates from 7am-6pm. If you are interested in enrolling your preschooler in this program, please contact Ann Panzica at apanzica@westlakecharter.com, or fill out a preschool application available in room N-1.

To be added to a class waitlist, please contact Ann Panzica and provide your child's name and birth date. Please see the Program Brochure for additional information.

Enrollment in the preschool program does not provide additional priority, nor guarantee admission into Westlake Charter Elementary School. However, priority enrollment for WLE will be given to founding families, siblings of students currently attending Westlake, children of employees and children of current board members.

Westlake Little Explorers Preschool Information for the 2013-2014 Academic Year

Westlake Little Explorers will begin their enrollment period on February 1st, 2013. Applications will be available to download or pick up in room N1 at that time. For more information, please contact Ann Panzica.

WLE Summer Program

Westlake Little Explorers Preschool will be offering a Summer Program running from June 24th-August 2nd. The Summer Program will be open to current students already enrolled in Westlake Little Explorers to help them prepare for Kindergarten in the fall.

WLE Curriculum

Westlake Little Explorers Preschool integrates Westlake Charter's Responsive Classroom approach into the program. WLE also uses Handwriting without Tears for our literacy, directional writing and Math. We also implement Open Court Curriculum extension activities as well as Houghton Mifflin Math which is in currently used at Westlake Charter School. We use Houghton Mifflin activities for Math. WLE also incorporates developmentally appropriate manipulatives for patterning and Math. We use the center approach to support dramatic play, discovery, literacy and fine motor activities as well.

Westlake Little Explorers also utilizes the Project Approach to learning. The Project Approach fosters not only academic knowledge and skill sets but what many educators refer to as the whole child. The use of the word whole stems from research indicating that students need more than content mastery to succeed in the 21st century�they need to be physically, emotionally, and socially healthy; they need to be intellectually challenged and supported by caring adults; and they need to be interested and engaged in their school learning.

Research indicates that there is a link between a child acquiring positive social strategies and achieving academic success. We focus on helping each child to develop strategies to help them problem solve and to promote social understanding. We use the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) for our social curriculum.

At Westlake Little Explorers, we use the California Preschool Foundation's standards and integrate these standards into areas where our students show interest. Teachers collaborate together and identify the needs of the students on an individual basis, and then take that knowledge to create dynamic projects for the students that are based on their interests. We use the Desired Results Developmental Profile to assess students, as well as the Fluharty Assessment for Speech. We also use our own teacher created assessment tool to assess students on their first day to ascertain how to focus our curriculum to support each student.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available in opening the preschool program. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Ann Panzica.