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Officers - 2013/2014
Maria Solis
The President shall provide vision and direction for carrying out the mission of the WAVE.It is the responsibility of the President to oversee all functions and business of the WAVE and to lend support to various planning teams and subcommittees by assuring the allocation of all necessary resources to achieve their goals. The president is the official representative of the WAVE to the school administration and facilitates regular meetings with the Principal, the School Board, and WAVE members. In addition the President is responsible for setting the agenda for monthly WAVE meetings.
Vice-President of Business Affairs
Diana Vail
The Vice President shall assist the President and carry out the President's duties in his or her absence or inability to serve; oversee Fundraising Committee, including but not limited to the three major annual fundraisers (Golf Tournament, Olympic Triathlon, Spring Fundraiser); review new business proposals and business contracts for Executive Board discussion and/or approval; participate as a member of the Business and Finance committee; attend WCS finance committee meetings as a liason for WAVE.
Vice-President of Parent Participation
Sherry Nealon
Shall oversee Parent Participation team; oversee Hospitality and Community Building team and community building events; encourage new ways for WAVE members to be involved and meet their parent participation hours; assist the president as needed.
Naimeh Nassim
The Secretary works with the President to prepare and monitor meeting agendas and keeps meeting minutes which are presented at the monthly WAVE meetings, kept on record in the school office and are posted to the school website. The Secretary prepares all official WAVE correspondence (such as "Thank you" notes), maintains and distributes a parent contact list for WAVE use and alerts the Communications Team Leader about upcoming meetings and events for publicity purposes. The secretary will support all Team members in their endeavors.
Kiki Vasquez
The Treasurer is responsible for receiving and disbursing all monies, keeps an accurate account of the receipts and disbursements and submits oral and written financial reports at all general membership meetings. The Treasurer creates an annual budget based on the WAVE calendar of events and general Team needs. The Treasurer will support all Team members in their endeavors.
Election of Officers
Nominations for offices will be accepted beginning in February. A purposed slate of candidates will be announced at the March meeting. Elections will be held at the April officers will be held at the May meeting. Each term is for one school calendar year with no term limits.
Team Leaders
Paul Hobie
The Fundraising Team leads parents and community members in raising funds to support the innovative programs and curriculum offered by the Westlake Charter Schools. This team oversees and organizes three major Fundraising events during the year: The Golf Tournament, Olympic Triathlon and a spring fundraiser.
Heather Bell
The Hospitality and Community Building Team is involved in building a sense of community among our school's families and staff and enhancing our unique school culture. This includes providing teacher appreciation activities and luncheons, family-oriented nights out and community service projects such as canned food drives. This team also organizes the food and refreshments needed at school events.
Parent Participation Recorder
Susie O'Brien
The Parent Participation Recorder (PPR) keeps the log of all volunteer hours by capturing data from the online reporting tool.

Record your hours at http://www.westlakecharter.com/hours/

WAVE Campaign Coordinators
Golf Tournament
Jason Vitaich
Olympic Triathlon
Nancy Kong-Vasquez
Fall Festival Chairs
Diana Vail/Juanita Balinski/Shari Hansen
Community Building Event (Night Under The Stars)
Katherine Donaghy
Newsletter Editor
Kristina Zumstein
Newsletter Articles
Kristina Zumstein
Newsletter Calendar
Nanci Rose
Calling All Volunteers
Christa Cobb
Clothes Closet(Del Paso)
Toni Alexander
Lost & Found (Del Paso)
Rachel Songer
Family Night Out
Dolly Carlisle
Teacher and Staff Appreciation
Nancy Kong-Vasquez
Box Tops/Labels For Education
Teri Ira
eScrip/Quality of Life/Target RED Card
Sara Henderson
Shanna Miller
New Parent Mentor
Diana Vail
Spirit Wear
Jinny Beaton